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The power of the Gospel, this is the last hour

I John 2. 18-20; 22; 27 John the beloved discipline, who was Kép so near to Jesus, gave an account of the coming age, just as it would come to completion next day. The expectation of John is an example for us who really live in the last days. This day may be the last chance for you. What would you do in the last 60 minutes ? Would you wash your car? Or would you smoke a last cigarette? Or would you go and bear fruit for the Lord? Amen.

We many times think that the way we live is perfect, and that we could not even live more flawlessly. We attend our churches every weekend, we contribute to the work of the Lord and our life is wonderful outwardly. But what does God think about us? How does he see us? That is the question. We have to confront the fact, that one day the Lord will check the depth, not the length of our life, work and ploughing.

100_2630.jpgWe do not have competitors in the church, but brothers and fellow workers redeemed by the precious blood. Let the Lord make us experience his real power by what we can accomplish his work gloriously and victoriously in the last hour of the last day. We should not look for the speck of sawdust in our brothers' eyes but instead take out the plank from ours and take up the victorious Calvary cross of Jesus. The reason we are called Christians is that the things we are talking about are not shallow scratching of the ground but the obvious work of Jesus. The first thing is to be born again.(That is if the earth-board gets to the bottom we are on the good place) Acts 11. 19-26

According to Hebrews 13.8 Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen. Christ means anointed, and the name christian derives from that.

The believers of Antioch were given the grace first that by the powers, signs and wonders presented by their faith and not at last by their moral and pure lives, were called christians, that is anointed ones.

John said that in the last days people will go against the anointing. but who? He is the Antichrist, the one who hates the anointing, and the believers of Antioch, and he cannot stand when the earth-board gets to the bottom. The Spirit of the Lord may fill you with power. Amen

We are called to set people free, not to scratch only the surface of the ground making a cloud of dust around us.

Our calling must come into existence, we have to take up the cross of Christ instead of the plank mentioned before. It is not enough to have knowledge we have to identify with the Anointed One, the Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The last hour is the hour of the anointed ones. We have to insist on the original calling given 2000 years ago, just as John the beloved discipline did.

A lot of people cannot step into their ministry or fall out of it, because they want to follow the Lord on the base of their own conceptions scratching the surface.

You have to be aware of the fact that the purpose of God will be realized with or without you.

God wants believers, just as the sons of a king, who know the influence of their inheritance on the world around them may dare to use their crown given them by Christ, that authorizes them to reign and place the spirit of the Antichrist under the authority of the Lord.

Do you know what the anointing does? It breaks the yoke. What is yoke? All such evil, dark affliction and suffering that the devil smuggled into your life to humble and destroy you. Do not accept the influence of the spirit of the Antichrist on your mind and faith.

For example: A hundred years after the death of Paul the sanctuaries of the pagans stood empty. That means to be anointed. You say OK, but Paul was an apostle. Yes but he was also given the oppurtinity to choose. What kind of choice? The choice to continue his life as a pharisee scratching the surface makig a cloud of dust in a religious, shallow way or put his hand to the plow not looking back and dealing with external influences. This was his secret, now you know.

Paul did not take this power and anointing from men, but he took the promised Holy Spirit from God himself and received power after the Holy Spirit came on him. Praise the Lord that this is available for you and me also.

Do we want to be clever virgins? Then we should look for the source of the oil. Let us go and look for the heavenly mongers who sell oil, as Matthew 25 writes. Press on toward the goal.

And as the 133. psalm says, this oil is poured on your head, your face, flows onto the beard of men, your shoulders, down to your clothes to the hem of your garment. It anoints your leg, your shoes, this oil will be even in your footprint. It shall be seen from afar that the anointed man of God walked on that place. Imagine what will happen if you will open your mouth. This anointing makes the service easy, you will be given every help to accomplish that.

It will oil your earth-board, and not let it get rusty. It will be a help in hardships. It will flow as long as we lay claim to it, shouting to the Lord for it, Shouting that we need that, to represent him, so that where we walk radical changes may happen. This is what people need, and not to swallow the dust.

It will accomplish in your life what God so desires; that the power of his kingdom may be revealed through you.

Luke 4. 18-19 The Spirit of the Lord is on me because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor.

verse 21:Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing


15th of december 2008

Csaba Szabó Adullam evangelist ministries





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